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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hey guys!

So it's Easter! YAYYY!!!!
Happy Easter!!!

Okay so last minute yesterday I decided to become a housewife and make easter themed cupcakes for all the easter festivities that awaited me.

SO I looked on pintererst for ideas and I saved a couple of pictures and decided to mix them up a little!
I went to the grocery store and go everything I needed:
- Water
- Vegetable Oil
- Cream Cheese Frosting
- Food Coloring
- Big Marshmallows
- Small Marshmallows
- The Bunny Peeps
- Sprinkles
- Black Decorating Gel

And then the process began, and after about 3 hours this was the outcome :)

They were honestly SUPER simple to make!!!
I'll do a brief explanation of each below :)

The Cheeky Bunny

The first step is to cover the cupcake with the cream cheese frosting and with the utensil that you're using you tap the icing you make it have texture.
For the ears, you about a spoonful of the icing and put it in another container. You then add red food coloring for the pink inside the bunny ears. You now cut a big marshmallow in half. You then use the sticky side and put the pink icing in it. To stick it on the cupcake so it actually sticks, just put more icing under the ear and stick it on the cupcake.
For the eyes. You simply take the Black Gel and draw two little dots.
For the nose, I took pink mint chocolate candy that I had laying around and just stuck it onto the cupcake.
For the mouth/cheeks, take two small marshmallows and put them right under the nose right next to each other and press them lightly.
Easy right?!

 The Chubby Bunny

The first step seperate the right proportion of icing (for the amount of cupcakes your making) aside and add green food coloring. After doing so, you (like the previous cupcake) add a layer of green icing and lightly take it to add a grass-like texture.
You then get a Bunny Peep and cut about a forth of the bottom off, you smear green icing at the bottom and stick it into the cupcake.
The next step is to get egg shaped candy (such as Jelly Beans or M&Ms) add icing to a small part of them and stick them onto the cupcake


WELLLPPPP, I hope you guys like this idea and tell me if you decide to try them out :)
If i knew I was going to make these cupcakes sooner I would've given y'all this idea sooner but it was just a spur of the moment :(

I LOVE YOU ALL, and I hope you all have a fantastic easter <3
Please come back soon!!!

- Andrea R

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