Friday, December 13, 2013

How To Have The Perfect Holidays

The holidays are such a special time. It's all about family and friends coming together, drinking hot cocoa and having the great time, but sometimes it seems like the holidays just pass us by and it ends up being more like a holiDAZE...not good. Here are some tips to have the best elfing holidays ever! (see what i did there..hehe)

1. Keep In Contact With Friends and Family coming into Town!
This is very important to me, because since I'm pretty much the only one that stayed in my hometown it's hard to keep up with everyone that comes home! Everyone all of a sudden returns into my arms and I, of course, want to see them ALL and it's sometimes hard. Therefore, what I recommend and do is asking all my friends that I really miss and want to see beforehand which day they are getting into town so I can making a little schedule with them and hang out with them so I can see all my friends! This really works for me because since I went to 2 different high schools and now I have my University friends they clearly don't know each other. 

2. Decorating
This is probably one of my favorite things to do! I absolutely LOVE decorating my room all christmas-y, and also my house! It just adds a little bit of joy and Christmas cheer to the air! My favorite thing to do is add my pink Barbie christmas tree to my room (I got it when I was 11 years old, don't judge me), it's small enough to not take up too much space in a small room, but big enough to bring a smile to your face.

3. Candles
There's nothing better than a smell that just reminds you of christmas, or winter or your childhood. It's the best feeling when a single smell can bring back all the best memories, that's why the holiday candles edition is probably one of my favorites things of the holidays. If you're looking for a candle that actually smells like christmas I recommend "Buttercream Mint" from bath and body works...oh my god it's amazing! It does have a pretty sweet/cake-like smell but it's my favorite right now.

4. Cookies
YOU MUST MAKE CHRISTMAS COOKIES. Nuff said. Make them all cute and joyful and you'll have a mouth full of holiday spirit!

5. Hot Drinks
Well this is simply a must. I absolutely love making hot chocolate, and hot tea and hot apple cider. SO GOOD. I do have to say though that my absolute favorite hot drink this season has been "Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea" oh my lanta, it is absolutely delicious.

6. Nails
I think holiday nails are one of the cutest and girliest things ever. Now with interest there's so many good ideas, such as a little snowflake or a little Santa Claus or even just simple holiday themed colors, and there's so many ways to get creative with it. They can really add a holiday touch. So come on, try it and let your creativity flow.

7. Movies
This is probably the most important thing to do. WATCH HOLIDAY MOVIES. This is an overall 100% guarantee, or your money back, kinda shindig. Elf, is a classic, White Christmas, also a classic, Dr. Suess' How The Grinch Stole Christmas...CLASSIC! Must. Watch. Them. All. ALso Hallmark has holiday movies all day and night, and I mean legit holiday movies, not like ABC Family where its some christmas and some that just have snow and for some reason are considered christmas...which I love them all but if you truly want to get in the spirit I would say Hallmark all the way!
Ps. The Family Stone is one of my newest favorites, it's SO good, it's also a must watch!

I think that with these six things you are golden!
This season tends to go by so fast for me, so don't let this happen to you, do these all and you'll have the most rad christmas!
This is it for now
Hope you come back for more, kisses and hugs to you all,
Andrea R.

Sunday, April 21, 2013



I received the most insane news today....

I got into UT (University of Texas at Austin)!!!!!

I'm sure not everyone knows how big of a deal this is, so I'll break it down..

It's #46 ranked nationwide, and #1 in Texas...and I got in..

I'm still in shocked, considering how I applied, not thinking I would get accepted, just so I wouldn't regret it in the future. I literally read it about 30 times, and made my whole family read it for me just to make sure I had read it right...

A little random small post,
but I just wanted to share with you guys this INCREDIBLE exciting news!!

I still can't believe it... o.o

Hope you all have a great week, 
Love you all! <3

Hope you come back for more (a better post next time...I just needed to share the news) :)

Andrea R.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Music For Your Ears - 4



I can't stop listening to these songs.
They are amazing and I love them, and I hope you love them too! hehe

1.) City And Colour - The Girl

This song is pretty oldish, but it's so beautiful and relaxing!
It's one of my all time favorite songs!

2.) The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine

Might have to turn volume up a little hehe, but another beautiful song.
This is the perfect song to listen to when you're feeling down!
Words can't describe how beautiful I think this song is, just perfection.

3.) The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat

The xx is one of my favoritessssss, and the beat to this is amazing!
This is so soothing, yet fun I think.
Hopefully y'all like it!

4.) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Gold

Here's a more upbeat song! haha
Clearly as y'all can see, I am a HUGE Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fan, so of course I was gonna put one of their songs in here! haha
THEY ARE AMAZING. nuff said.

5.) Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

Okay I KNOW you have heard this song,
but I can't seriously can't get enough of this!
It makes me wanna get up and sing this infront of my mirror (see what I did there :P)
I have always thought JT is amazing and Im so happy he released his new album
and I love all the songs!!!

6.) Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

I love this song so much!
This is the kind of music I've been into lately, so it's perfect so every kind of mood I'm in!
I seriously jam out to this on the daily when I'm driving haha

7.) Atmosphere - The Loser Wins

I'm not too sure why I like this song,
I mean It's a good song, but why I'm so into it haha
It sounds pretty bitter, but I think I was in a fight with a friend
when I heard this song and ever since then I really REALLY like it hahah
but watch out for those bad words!!

8.) Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)

For all you Lana Del Rey lovers, 
This remix is amazing!
I've been really into remixes lately, so I thought this was amazing!

9.) G-Eazy - Rebel

My obsession and my love.
I'm not too sure what else to say...I'm seriously obsessed...
It's a problem.... <3 <3
Please tell me you heard this and LOVED it, bc idk how i'll react if you disagree...
JKKKKKK but really :P haha

So these are some of my favorite songs,
what are some of yours? :)

Please send me some, I love love love listening to new music :D

Well that was it for today, come back again for more :)

- Andrea R.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Themed Parties

Hey Guys!

So one thing you should know about me is that...I LOVE THEMED PARTIES!
I absolutely love going to them and I absolutely love planning them!
I just think they're sooooo much fun!

For example, last year I had a "Breakfast At Tiffany's Brunch" and I had soooo much fun organizing it!!
Here are some pics :)

I planned this with a couple of months in advance and now considering how my birthday is about 4 months away it was time I began planning again :)

Although, this year I wanted to make it a little different.
This year I want to have a legit party party hardy. I wanna decorate my house and invite all my friends and I want everyone to get into it and dress up and stuff, you know?

These are the two themes I have so far;
1. Barbie And Ken Theme Party
2. '90s Theme Party

I really like both ideas and I'm still in the early process of planning, but what do you guys think?
Which one do you like better?
What should I get for each one?

Much Love,

- Andrea R.

I'll keep you guys updated on my decision :) <3

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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hey guys!

So it's Easter! YAYYY!!!!
Happy Easter!!!

Okay so last minute yesterday I decided to become a housewife and make easter themed cupcakes for all the easter festivities that awaited me.

SO I looked on pintererst for ideas and I saved a couple of pictures and decided to mix them up a little!
I went to the grocery store and go everything I needed:
- Water
- Vegetable Oil
- Cream Cheese Frosting
- Food Coloring
- Big Marshmallows
- Small Marshmallows
- The Bunny Peeps
- Sprinkles
- Black Decorating Gel

And then the process began, and after about 3 hours this was the outcome :)

They were honestly SUPER simple to make!!!
I'll do a brief explanation of each below :)

The Cheeky Bunny

The first step is to cover the cupcake with the cream cheese frosting and with the utensil that you're using you tap the icing you make it have texture.
For the ears, you about a spoonful of the icing and put it in another container. You then add red food coloring for the pink inside the bunny ears. You now cut a big marshmallow in half. You then use the sticky side and put the pink icing in it. To stick it on the cupcake so it actually sticks, just put more icing under the ear and stick it on the cupcake.
For the eyes. You simply take the Black Gel and draw two little dots.
For the nose, I took pink mint chocolate candy that I had laying around and just stuck it onto the cupcake.
For the mouth/cheeks, take two small marshmallows and put them right under the nose right next to each other and press them lightly.
Easy right?!

 The Chubby Bunny

The first step seperate the right proportion of icing (for the amount of cupcakes your making) aside and add green food coloring. After doing so, you (like the previous cupcake) add a layer of green icing and lightly take it to add a grass-like texture.
You then get a Bunny Peep and cut about a forth of the bottom off, you smear green icing at the bottom and stick it into the cupcake.
The next step is to get egg shaped candy (such as Jelly Beans or M&Ms) add icing to a small part of them and stick them onto the cupcake


WELLLPPPP, I hope you guys like this idea and tell me if you decide to try them out :)
If i knew I was going to make these cupcakes sooner I would've given y'all this idea sooner but it was just a spur of the moment :(

I LOVE YOU ALL, and I hope you all have a fantastic easter <3
Please come back soon!!!

- Andrea R

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Music For Your Ears - 3


that was weird...but anyways

So I decided to do another music for your ears blog!
I've been super stressed out with school's just kicking my music has been a big way to relax myself, so here are some song that I hope you like :)

1.) Bastille (Cover)  - What Would You Do?

1.) Bastille (Cover)  - What Would You Do?
As soon as I heard this song I instantly became obsessed. This version is just so beautiful, you guys should listen to all of their covers! These guys are beyond talented! They're amazing!

2.) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love Feat. Mary Lambert
This song is just so beautiful. The voices, the lyrics, the message. Everything about this song is just so real, I just love everything about it.

3.) Plain White T's - Rhythm Of Love
Personally, I love the Plain White T's so as soon as I knew they sang this song I was like "yup, forsure gonna like it" and I do! I think it's such a cute song! I love the part where it talks about the girls blue eyes cause well, I have blue eyes, so I think that's also why I like it so much...hehehe :)

4.) Hoodie Allen - Feel The Love
I am a MASSIVE Hoddie Allen fan, and this song just made my obsession with him grow! Lol
It's different than his other ones, but it's the perfect jam for getting ready and it's fun to learn the words and just sing along with it! haha

5.) Down With Webster - Your Man
This is just overall a fun song! I love just jamminn out to it in my room alone, or in my car, or wherever I go! I heard this song about 3-4 years ago and I still haven't gotten tired of it! I love Down With Webster, seriously all their songs are so good!

6.) Miley Cyrus (Cover) - You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
I absolutely love Bob Dylan, he is a legend, and when I heard that Miley was going to sing this song I was a little iffy about it but after I heard it I just seriously wanted to applaud her. She did the song justice, and I also like that she didn't just do a cover for it, she changed it to fit her vocals better and she did a beautiful job on it. Such a beautiful song, I am obsessed with this song as well.

7.) Norwegian Recycling  - Good Time (Mash-Up)
THIS IS THE PERFECT SUMMER SONG! that says it all, just listen to it and you'll see what I mean!

8.) Norwegian Recycling - How Six Songs Collide (Mash-Up)
I saved the best for last, this is an absolute favorite of mine.
Norwegian Recycling is absolutely amazing, I first heard this song about 5 years ago and I was beyond impressed and fascinated. They are so talented, it completely blows my mind how they created it. It sounds as if it was one song, not six. All of these songs are so beautiful so for them to put them all together and create one song with all of them is amazing!
They have alot more songs, such as the one above this one, so check them out! :)

So those were some of the songs I wanted to share with you guys,
I hope you like them :)
Well, that's it for toodayyy, come back again for more :)

-Andrea R

PS- What are YOUR favorite songs at the moment? :)
Let me know by leaving a comment below, I'll reply to all <3

Friday, February 22, 2013




i feel so free...

Here is a pic of me after I passed the test...aka being a big girl! hehehe 

I just wanted to share this with you guys :)
Well see yall later gatorssss :)


-Andrea R. :)



OMG OMG OMG I'm currently at the DPS office about to take my driving test in exactly 45 mins!!!
IM FREAKIN OUTTTTT!!! My stomach hurts so bad cause I'm so nervous and I don't even know what to do!
I'm gonna practice a little before but I just don't even know what to do with my life right now...
Okay well I'll keep you guys updated on my life hehehe

Andrea R.

PS- how's you week going? :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Learning Through Pictures


So I was looking through my pics of iPhoto and I thought I would do a blog about some of my favorite photos or photos that mean something to me!

My 19th birthday was one of the best ones and one of the worst ones. I got to a new camera, which to this day has been one of the best present I've ever gotten! And the picture to the top left corner was the first picture I took with it :) It was such an unbelievable and special birthday, but I usually share this birthday with my grandpa and this past summer was my first birthday without him.

For my 19th, I had a "Breakfast At Tiffany's" themed brunch and I absolutely loved it!
I  love having themed birthday parties, and so far, this has been my absolute favorite!! <3

This past summer I went to LA, and OH MY GOD! It was an absolute dream!
I fell in love with the city, and I am planning on moving there in the near future! There are so many things to do there, and it's just a place that never stops moving, I just love that.

We also went on the Warner Brothers tour, and it was AMAZING!!! I am a HUGE Friends fan, so the fact that I got to take a picture outside the set, and I got to first of all, just be in Central Perk, let alone touch that couch and take a picture....I died.

While being there, I obviously, went to Disneyland. Now let me tell you a little something about my family...WE LOVE DISNEY, we have literally being going to DisneyWorld every year since 2006! :O So we just had to go, and plus this was out first time going to Disneyland!!

While being there we also went to San Diego to visit family. Also, another city that's just beautiful. It's completely different than LA, the weather is so nice, there's so many beaches around, and everything about it is just amazing! Although, I did get dizzy when we drove around because everything's so far away and you go up and down hills a lot haha

I love going to the beach, and now that I got a fancy camera I try to take as many pictures as I can, and I try to capture the beauty of nature. 

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, so here are some pics of some Christmas' of the past few years that I like. The one of the top left corner was when I got my first car 3 years ago...yes I am crying, I'm a cry baby haha

My senior year of highschool, 12th grade, was one of the best ones I've had. It was such an unbelievable year,  and I became and remained friends with some people that impacted my life. I don't think they know how much meeting them meant to me.

These are my sisters. These are the people that I can be my complete self with, and I can just honestly say can't live without them. They have been there at the best times of my life and at the worse, they have picked me up when I needed to be picked up, and they have been complete fools with me as well... haha we're not really that normal...

This picture was taken at the candle light of my friend that passed at the place of the accident the day after. We were all standing there mourning the unexplainable and being there for each other, I am so glad that someone took a picture of this, because it is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen.

These are my pets, Coco and Domino. Coco is the Yorkie and she's a spoiled brat haha but she's just the sweetest and Domino is the Dalmatian, he sadly passed away in December, he was almost 16 years old, which for Dalmatians is beyond the average!

I can honestly say that these two guys are the best people ever!! They are my absolute role models, and I am beyond lucky to be able to call them my grandparents, no matter what happens <3

These are just some random pics of my family, haha the one on the left corner was my sister, my cousin and I kayaking at the lake for the first time...hahah, the one next to it is my family and I with our camping tshirts for the camping trip we did in honor of my grandpa. The one next to it is my sister and I at Wurstfest! NOW I am really proud of the picture on the bottom left corner, I DID THAT! I made a heart shaped braid on my cousins' hair hehe well I know it isn't perfect but hey I tried hehe

Well thank you for reading, and hopefully you learned something new about me!

Hope you enjoyed and come back for more :)

Andrea R.

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