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Friday, December 13, 2013

How To Have The Perfect Holidays

The holidays are such a special time. It's all about family and friends coming together, drinking hot cocoa and having the great time, but sometimes it seems like the holidays just pass us by and it ends up being more like a holiDAZE...not good. Here are some tips to have the best elfing holidays ever! (see what i did there..hehe)

1. Keep In Contact With Friends and Family coming into Town!
This is very important to me, because since I'm pretty much the only one that stayed in my hometown it's hard to keep up with everyone that comes home! Everyone all of a sudden returns into my arms and I, of course, want to see them ALL and it's sometimes hard. Therefore, what I recommend and do is asking all my friends that I really miss and want to see beforehand which day they are getting into town so I can making a little schedule with them and hang out with them so I can see all my friends! This really works for me because since I went to 2 different high schools and now I have my University friends they clearly don't know each other. 

2. Decorating
This is probably one of my favorite things to do! I absolutely LOVE decorating my room all christmas-y, and also my house! It just adds a little bit of joy and Christmas cheer to the air! My favorite thing to do is add my pink Barbie christmas tree to my room (I got it when I was 11 years old, don't judge me), it's small enough to not take up too much space in a small room, but big enough to bring a smile to your face.

3. Candles
There's nothing better than a smell that just reminds you of christmas, or winter or your childhood. It's the best feeling when a single smell can bring back all the best memories, that's why the holiday candles edition is probably one of my favorites things of the holidays. If you're looking for a candle that actually smells like christmas I recommend "Buttercream Mint" from bath and body works...oh my god it's amazing! It does have a pretty sweet/cake-like smell but it's my favorite right now.

4. Cookies
YOU MUST MAKE CHRISTMAS COOKIES. Nuff said. Make them all cute and joyful and you'll have a mouth full of holiday spirit!

5. Hot Drinks
Well this is simply a must. I absolutely love making hot chocolate, and hot tea and hot apple cider. SO GOOD. I do have to say though that my absolute favorite hot drink this season has been "Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea" oh my lanta, it is absolutely delicious.

6. Nails
I think holiday nails are one of the cutest and girliest things ever. Now with interest there's so many good ideas, such as a little snowflake or a little Santa Claus or even just simple holiday themed colors, and there's so many ways to get creative with it. They can really add a holiday touch. So come on, try it and let your creativity flow.

7. Movies
This is probably the most important thing to do. WATCH HOLIDAY MOVIES. This is an overall 100% guarantee, or your money back, kinda shindig. Elf, is a classic, White Christmas, also a classic, Dr. Suess' How The Grinch Stole Christmas...CLASSIC! Must. Watch. Them. All. ALso Hallmark has holiday movies all day and night, and I mean legit holiday movies, not like ABC Family where its some christmas and some that just have snow and for some reason are considered christmas...which I love them all but if you truly want to get in the spirit I would say Hallmark all the way!
Ps. The Family Stone is one of my newest favorites, it's SO good, it's also a must watch!

I think that with these six things you are golden!
This season tends to go by so fast for me, so don't let this happen to you, do these all and you'll have the most rad christmas!
This is it for now
Hope you come back for more, kisses and hugs to you all,
Andrea R.

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