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Monday, April 1, 2013

Themed Parties

Hey Guys!

So one thing you should know about me is that...I LOVE THEMED PARTIES!
I absolutely love going to them and I absolutely love planning them!
I just think they're sooooo much fun!

For example, last year I had a "Breakfast At Tiffany's Brunch" and I had soooo much fun organizing it!!
Here are some pics :)

I planned this with a couple of months in advance and now considering how my birthday is about 4 months away it was time I began planning again :)

Although, this year I wanted to make it a little different.
This year I want to have a legit party party hardy. I wanna decorate my house and invite all my friends and I want everyone to get into it and dress up and stuff, you know?

These are the two themes I have so far;
1. Barbie And Ken Theme Party
2. '90s Theme Party

I really like both ideas and I'm still in the early process of planning, but what do you guys think?
Which one do you like better?
What should I get for each one?

Much Love,

- Andrea R.

I'll keep you guys updated on my decision :) <3

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