Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Learning Through Pictures


So I was looking through my pics of iPhoto and I thought I would do a blog about some of my favorite photos or photos that mean something to me!

My 19th birthday was one of the best ones and one of the worst ones. I got to a new camera, which to this day has been one of the best present I've ever gotten! And the picture to the top left corner was the first picture I took with it :) It was such an unbelievable and special birthday, but I usually share this birthday with my grandpa and this past summer was my first birthday without him.

For my 19th, I had a "Breakfast At Tiffany's" themed brunch and I absolutely loved it!
I  love having themed birthday parties, and so far, this has been my absolute favorite!! <3

This past summer I went to LA, and OH MY GOD! It was an absolute dream!
I fell in love with the city, and I am planning on moving there in the near future! There are so many things to do there, and it's just a place that never stops moving, I just love that.

We also went on the Warner Brothers tour, and it was AMAZING!!! I am a HUGE Friends fan, so the fact that I got to take a picture outside the set, and I got to first of all, just be in Central Perk, let alone touch that couch and take a picture....I died.

While being there, I obviously, went to Disneyland. Now let me tell you a little something about my family...WE LOVE DISNEY, we have literally being going to DisneyWorld every year since 2006! :O So we just had to go, and plus this was out first time going to Disneyland!!

While being there we also went to San Diego to visit family. Also, another city that's just beautiful. It's completely different than LA, the weather is so nice, there's so many beaches around, and everything about it is just amazing! Although, I did get dizzy when we drove around because everything's so far away and you go up and down hills a lot haha

I love going to the beach, and now that I got a fancy camera I try to take as many pictures as I can, and I try to capture the beauty of nature. 

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, so here are some pics of some Christmas' of the past few years that I like. The one of the top left corner was when I got my first car 3 years ago...yes I am crying, I'm a cry baby haha

My senior year of highschool, 12th grade, was one of the best ones I've had. It was such an unbelievable year,  and I became and remained friends with some people that impacted my life. I don't think they know how much meeting them meant to me.

These are my sisters. These are the people that I can be my complete self with, and I can just honestly say can't live without them. They have been there at the best times of my life and at the worse, they have picked me up when I needed to be picked up, and they have been complete fools with me as well... haha we're not really that normal...

This picture was taken at the candle light of my friend that passed at the place of the accident the day after. We were all standing there mourning the unexplainable and being there for each other, I am so glad that someone took a picture of this, because it is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen.

These are my pets, Coco and Domino. Coco is the Yorkie and she's a spoiled brat haha but she's just the sweetest and Domino is the Dalmatian, he sadly passed away in December, he was almost 16 years old, which for Dalmatians is beyond the average!

I can honestly say that these two guys are the best people ever!! They are my absolute role models, and I am beyond lucky to be able to call them my grandparents, no matter what happens <3

These are just some random pics of my family, haha the one on the left corner was my sister, my cousin and I kayaking at the lake for the first time...hahah, the one next to it is my family and I with our camping tshirts for the camping trip we did in honor of my grandpa. The one next to it is my sister and I at Wurstfest! NOW I am really proud of the picture on the bottom left corner, I DID THAT! I made a heart shaped braid on my cousins' hair hehe well I know it isn't perfect but hey I tried hehe

Well thank you for reading, and hopefully you learned something new about me!

Hope you enjoyed and come back for more :)

Andrea R.


  1. All of these photos are so great, they must have been incredible to look back on. The ones of your and your grandpas brought a little tear to my eye, so precious. Inspires me to do a post similar!

    You're beautiful :)

    x Bridget


    1. Thank you! And do it!!! this was actually inspired by your instagram idea, not gonna lie :)


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