Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday's Rolercoaster

Excuse my weirdness in this pic..I'm running on 4 hours of sleep...

Hey guys, 
First off I would like to say....HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!
Well, it's not Sunday anymore, but it was when I started writing this post, but then I fell asleep haha

So as we all know today was the Super Bowl, exciting stuff right?
The teams that played were the Baltimore Ravens vs. the San Francisco 49ers, which to be quite honest wasn't of preference of either team, but I guess if I had to choose I would've liked the 49ers to win but that wasn't the case. So CONGRATS RAVENS, you were the Super Bowl Champs of 2013!
But...let's be honest here...mostly everyone who reads this won't be that interested in this now will we?
Well I wanna point out a few highlights that I had in my super bowl 2013 shindig,


Beyonce.Is.A.Goddess. Legitimately, she is not human, she is just a perfect being. 
Her performance at half time was just breath taking, here's a video of it (it's the best one I could find where they show her whole performance).

Like HELLO!!! who isn't in love with her after that? 
AND A BIG PLUS.....Destiny's Child reunion? It just made me so happy!
I would die to go to one of her concerts, she is an amazing entertainer and is just full of incredible talent.
She's a badass.


Ummm....what was up with that 45 minute power outage after Beyonce's performance? Like what?
Shouldn't they be prepared for that kind of stuff? 
Each Super Bowl performance, every year, takes up so much energy. Shall we remember when the Black Eyed Peas performed, their show was pretty much based on cool lights and effects, obviously a half time performace is going to take so much energy, so you would think that they would be a little more prepared...apparently not. Ugh, and then the illuminati accusations began...if you believe in that then I'm sorry if what I'm about to say offends you in anyway, each of us are entitled to our own opinions and I respect yours but this is mine. THAT IS SO STUPID! People obsess about this stuff and start saying that every artist or actor or overall celebrity that is extremely popular must be in the illuminati...not like they're extremely talented or just really annoys me (but enough of my rant), where I was going with this is that since it was after Beyonce's performance everyone just went off about how it was her or whatever, like check these tweets out;

She's not doing the illuminati sign, thats the Roc Republic sign. Roc Republic is an entertaining company that works with artists, music producers, song writers, etc. Jay-Z, Kayne, and a lot more are involved with Roc Republic and they all do that get outta here!
ANYWAYS, the lights were off for like 45 mins and it just really backed the game up...not fun when you wanna go home because you're exhausted and still need to do loads of homework :( but oh well...


Well...yeah, they won...that's it...haha

4.) (A Sadder Highlight) POOR COCO

This is actually a sad story, so brace yourselves.
So, when we got home we took my little pup outside to do her business, well yeah whatever we come inside blablabla and all of a sudden we see her limping and then blood stains on the floor. OBVIOUSLY we freaked!! We took a closer look and realized that one of her nails came off D:
I'm guessing it got stuck on something and it just came off, but it was so sad! 
Here's a pic of the injured baby!

We made her a little cast for her foot so she wouldn't be hurting it anymore haha very homemade!
We took her to the vet today and they just told us to treat it like any other injury, and to keep her little foot clean, and to keep an eye on her and in about a week she'll be better.
It's just so sad to see her down :(
It breaks my heart, so hopefully she'll get better and will be back to her normal self again!

Well that was my semi-eventful Sunday, what was yours like?

Thank you for reading, and come back for more :)

Andrea R.

If any of you were interested on if I did my homework or not, no I did not, I literally got home started writing this post and fell asleep in the process haha but #YOLO...jk school comes first, so I gotta organize my time better because I really wanted to post this last night but I couldn't :( 


  1. I think you summed up Beyonce perfectly, she simply is not human. I just don't understand how one person could be so incredibly close to perfection!

    Great re-cap of the day! I was personally rooting for the Ravens but, like you, didn't have a preference being that my Seahawks weren't in it!

    Hope you're little puppy is feeling better soon, that cast is just too cute.

    x Bridget

    1. exactlyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I'm such a HUGE fan of hers! haha
      but yeah I was just eating the whole time except for when Beyonce came on! haha
      but she's slowly but surely going back to her normal self, but thank you :) and haha thanks! we're quite practical! haha :)

  2. Lovely post, I love your blog!



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