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Wednesday, January 29, 2014



I know it's been a while but I've been so busy with school and ahhh the perks of being a biology major…but can you sense the sarcasm there?
ANYWAYS, I did have sometime to create a new youtube channel, because I really wanted to take more seriously the whole blog and youtube beauty thing idea, so here's my first video and I would really love for you guys to give me some feedback and to go share and like and subscribe if you would like :)

Hope you guys liked it, and till next time <3


Andrea R.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

7 Favorite Beauty Products Of January

Hello everyone!
So as this beautiful month is coming to an end I decided to share with you guys my favorite beauty products of this month! 

 1.) Neutrogena Triple Moisture: Deep Recovery Hair Mask

This deep conditioner is AMAZING!! Every time I use this is leaves my hair amazingly smooth, and shiny, and overall healthy! 
All you have to do is after you shampoo your hair just get a small portion on your hair and apply to your hair instead of your conditioner, you leave it on or about 5-7 minutes you take it off! Honestly you can just feel the softness in your hair! It's amazing & I can honestly tell a big difference on my split ends, bc since I'm trying to let my hair grow out my split ends were out of control but after using this I can see a difference on them. NOW I must say that this product is quite strong so if your hair is pretty damaged or colored or whatever then use it once a week or if you feel that you might need it more than that then maybe twice, but if you just want some extra shine and your hair is not quite that damaged then I strongly recommend only using it maybe either once every week and a half or even two weeks!
 I got this product at Nordstrom Rack and it was only around $5.99, but I found this website where you  can get it, but if that doesn't work for you let me know and I can see where else you can get it. 

 2.) Tigi S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer: Defrizzer & Tamer

This product is another one that I strongly recommend if you have problems with your hair being crazy frizzy and staticy. This product have just honestly blown me away! I was reading one of Zoe Sugg's (or Zoella) older blog post and she said that she loved this product and I am a big fan of her hair so I decided to get it online and I am highly pleased with it. Again, since I'm trying to grow my hair out I haven't been cutting it, so my split ends were getting out of control and this has also helped me soooo much! AND it also has like a small amount of glitter to it, so you might notice it on your hands when you put it on, but you can't really see it on your hair THAT much, but when your in the sunlight or when you take a picture your hair will just have this unbelievable shine to it, I can guarantee that anyone that tries this will love it.
All you do is after you shower with your normal hair routine you can apply it to damp hair, not a big portion though because you don't want to have too much product in your hair and then it get greasy faster, but just put it all over your hair. I recommend that your main focus be the ends, and after that style as usual and then you're set! You will actually see an instant change when it dries, AND you can even apply it to dry hair if you feel that you didn't get enough or you want some extra shine!
I got it on this website called: Feel Unique, and when I got it was about $15 because it was the holiday season and now it's $24.59, which to be honest for the quality of the product that you're getting is not bad at all!
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