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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Music For Your Ears - 2

Hey guys,
So I thought I would share with you guys once again some of the songs that have been stuck in my head recently :)

Sweet Nothing - Florence Welch ft. Calvin Harris
I just love Florence and Calvin Harris and when I head this song and it was just an instantly my jam!

Between The Raindrops - Lifehouse ft. Natasha Bedingfield
I have legitimately been listening to this song every single day for the past week, it just gets to me for some reason, it's so beautiful. I am a huge fan of them both.

Thrift Shop - Pentatonix (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Cover)
So everyone has been obsessed with this song recently, including myself, and I thought this cover was really cool and original and accapella which makes it so much more unique.

Crystal Clear - Opus Orange
This is actually not a new song, at all, but when I was thinking of songs to put on this post I had to put this one. It's such a good, chill, different song. It's different from a lot of music I hear nowadays, it just puts me in a good mood!

Call Your Girlfriend - Lennon & Maisy Stella (Robyn Cover)
Yes, another cover, but no these girls are AMAZING. They are the definition of talent, watch all of their videos, it's just unreal the amount of talent these girls have at such a young age.

Hold On - Alabama Shakes
Her voice is unreal. This is an amazing band, and their sound is just so original! They have become one of my favorite bands.

Bleeding Out - The Lone Bellow
I actually found this because it was free on iTunes and it's one of those songs that you can just listen to it whenever and it kinda puts you in this mellow, reflecting about your life, inspirational kind of know?


Bright Lights - Gary Clark Jr.
All I can say is that his music is real, it's kind of got that older jazzy tune along with more modern instruments. This is just the perfect to either jam out too, or just be chilling in your room and just be at peace. I absolutely love it.

SO there you have it, some of my favorite songs of the week!
What are some of YOUR favorite songs? :)

Hope you enjoy them, and come back for more :)

Andrea R.

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