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Monday, January 28, 2013

My Guilty Pleasure - Vinyl Record Player

Hello everyone!

So retro stuff and vintage stuff have always interested me, like seriously if I could choose to live in any time period it would probably be the 60's or 80's. I just find that eras so fascinating and also so incredibly creative, and sooo free!
I recently wanted to re-decorate my room, and I wanted to make it into a classy, vintage-y, retro style kinda thing. So I have been looking for small shops and antique stores in surrounding cities and I found a couple of stuff, but I was specifically looking for a vinyl record player for my room. I couldn't find it anywhere! I mean I saw it at Urban Outfitters, but....I find Urban a little too pricey on the electronics. I looked online and most of them were over $200. I mean I saw cheaper ones but they were either used and/or damaged, or they were just little simple boring ones, which theres nothing wrong with that but I wanted a vintage looking one. I had seriously just given up on it.
At the beginning of December my parents had told my sister and I that they wanted to get us a present because they saw how much we busted our little bootys this past semester at University (they were feeling giving, I mean it was December, everyone was feeling giving!), and we left it at that.
About a week later my mom and I were at Bed Bath & Beyond, just cruising the store looking through the isles when suddenly I see it. No joke, it was the most amazing vinyl record player, it was shinning like a star on a dark winter night. SO obviously I had to get it. It was a tad over what they were planning to spend on the little surprise but I begged and begged AND BEGGED! I mean I had just been looking for it for years!! So after many hours of convincing they got it for me!!!!!

This record player is one of the best one's I've ever seen! It was just love at first sight! lol But seriously, it is so beautiful and so elegant. It has wonderful features that not many of the have. Such as, vinyl record player (obviously) for 7, 10 and 12 in. records at the top, so if you can play any kind of vinyl there is! It also has a CD player slot on the front, so you can still jam out to your CD jammms. It has a cassette player slot on the side, so if you wanna keep the (semi) retro theme and slide in some of your old cassettes that you happen to find you still can. It also has an Aux-in cable so you can connect it to your iPhone or iPod or any MP3!! How awesome is that! It has AM/FM radio, and that's at the front as well and it looks soooo cool!!! and it also has the feature that if you want to record your vinyls into a CD or a cassette you very easily can!

The speakers are AMAZING! They are huge for starters, they are located on the front on both sides. The sound just comes out so clean, especially with he vinyls. You can turn it up real loud, and the quality of the sound doesn't change. It also comes with a remote control, so if you're either laying down or getting ready and you really don't feel like listening to that certain song you can just do the lazy thing that we all wanna do and change it without having to move :)
So you get the old, the not so old, and the new all in one machine! That's a awesome deal to me!
I have had it for about 2 months now and I am so incredibly happy with it! I'm always showing it off...hehe. It really made my room so complete, it kinda adds character to it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

So I just wanted to share with you guys my little guilty pleasure, what is yours? :)

Comment below and leave your blog address and I look at your blog!

Thank you for reading, and come back for more :)

Andrea R.

PS- Guys, I'm trying to think of a new name for my blog, because just having my name right now I feel like people aren't getting the jifffff of my blog straight away, so I was thinking of names for my blog but I feel like mine are lame, so help me out? Do you think I should leave my name or come up with another name for it? and if so, what are your suggestions for a blog name? :)

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